Crepe’s etc.

About Us

OK, some people say we make the best crêpes in the world. These include regular visitors to France and the streets of Paris, Lyon and the home of the crêpe, Brittany. We’ve travelled well too and have sampled crêpes from many street-side vendors, cafés and fancy restaurants. Modesty aside, we think we do pretty well against the competition!

Given that Caroline, our “Crêpe Lady” is French herself (that’s not a fake accent), enjoyed and watched crêpes being made through most of her life, it’s not surprising that she discovered that she has the crêpe DNA deep in her bones. Caroline is also an honours graduate of the Culinary Chef program at Humber College, one of the best chef training programs in Canada. But we figure she can compose a crêpe better than any of her Olympic champion professors! After all, she’s made many thousands of crêpes in her ten years in business, which she started soon after immigrating to Canada.

On occasion, you might also meet Rob, Caroline’s companion and back-up when she needs the big guns on busy days. He has no accent though (OK maybe a touch of his Newfie heritage shows through when he gets excited), but it’s fun to watch them argue about who makes the best Crêpe while you’re deciding which one you’re going to order today.

But enough about us. Not everyone knows what a Crêpe is, so we should explain. A Crêpe is like a very thin, large diameter pancake, cooked on a large flat grill. Ingredients are arranged and cooked on top of the Crêpe. Then the Crêpe is folded (in various ways according to ingredients) to make a compact, delicious meal.

Lots of people ask if the Crêpe batter is the same as that used in pancakes. No way! Crepe batter is much tastier, more sophisticated. Don’t ask why or how. It’s Caroline’s secret that she’ll take to her grave. Not even Rob knows how she makes the batter.

Crêpes are generally easy to eat without utensils, so they make a healthy, delicious treat or lunch if you’re busy scouring the market. For some of the sweet crêpes, especially those with berries, whipped crème, maple syrup or chocolate sauce, we suggest you sit back at one of the picnic tables and enjoy! Get up early, stay late, so there’s lots of time to enjoy the market’s offerings without rushing your meal.

All our crêpes are served on disposable plates and plastic utensils are provided too. Some of our regular clients bring their own plates and utensils to help us save on waste. All compostable waste is transferred back into our garden where some of the ingredients you’ll eat in our crêpes are grown!

Besides the Newmarket Farmers Market you can also find us at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market on Wednesdays (from Canada day to Labour Day weekend). We also do the Mariposa Folk Festival each July, as well as a few other summer music festivals.

We do private events too! We’ve done intimate weddings, birthdays, office lunches and parties. One creative client, who was hosting an evening dinner party for her business partners and customers, asked us to supplement her dinner with desert crêpes served in her back yard, which freed her up to network and being a generally attentive host. Cool!

Call or email us if you’re planning an event and want something unique to offer your guests.

Lots of people are pleasantly surprised when they realise that a Crêpe does not have to be sweet. Our savory crêpes combine variations of ingredients such as egg, cheddar, black forest ham, green onion, tomato, spinach, homemade compound butter, smoked salmon, salsa. Again we vary the options according to Ontario’s harvest.

Depending on the season, Caroline also sells homemade hummus (a middle-eastern chickpea dip that’s great with nacho chips) and tapenade (A Mediterranean dip made from olives and garlic).


Our sweet crêpes combine variations of ingredients such as banana, chocolate, Nutella, sugar, cinnamon, butter, real whipped crème (not the junk you buy in an aerosol can), real maple syrup, fresh berries and fruit. Berry and fruit options vary according to what’s delicious and in season.