Exact Edge

31 Shannon Rd.
Mt. Albert ON.

905 715 3435


Dropboxes available for drop off and pickup. Virtually no contact and safe operation.

31 Shannon Rd.
Call (905) 715-3435

About Us

Exact Edge Sharpening Service is a family owned and operated business. My name is Denzil Miao and between my daughter Amber, and I, we conduct all the sharpening requirements.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations on the quality of sharpening service that we provide.

We have been in business officially since 2002. However I have been sharpening tools as a hobby for the past 15 years or longer. I wanted to know more about the skill and joined a community of people who appreciate the craftsmanship that is involved in tool sharpening. Professional sharpeners in Canada and the USA who discuss, different and modern methods to sharpening tools. Through discussions and meetings, and the number of years of hands-on experience I have honed my sharpening skills to the point of where it is today. Our Group motto is “Getting away from The Stone Age”.

The machines used by Exact Edge are not the conventional, high speed stone grinders employed by the travelling sharpeners. We use equipment which has been researched by professional sharpeners, to remove the least amount of metal to acquire a desired sharp edge.

We at Exact Edge takes great pride in ensuring that the tools you bring to us are given the highest attention to quality of sharpening required . Our sharpening service will always, improve the edges of your knives, scissors, saw blades, gardening and wood working tools.


We provide a sharpening service for:
Knives, Scissors, Axe, Gardening tools i.e. Pruners, Shears, Mower blades, Hoe' , Shovels etc.

Woodworking tools:
Carbide Saw Blades & Router bits Chisels, Planer Knives, Chainsaw Chains

We specialize in Reel Mowers sharpening.