Happy Tummy




About Us

Some of us remember when the peanut free school policy came into effect: my initial reaction was panic.  Oh no! What do I feed my children at school now? I thought.  But the funny part was that they don't even like peanuts or peanut related products, and they never even had them at school to begin with.

If you are like me, the minute someone tells you not to eat something, or not to do something then all I can think of is exactly that thing that I was told not to do.  So when my children (all of us have digestive problems with severe stomach aches) were told by the doctor to leave wheat and gluten out of their diets, I did what I do best; I PANICKED!

So we set out to find wheat free and gluten free products.

We have a very busy lifestyle, I am a single parent that works full time with  two children. I do not have time to spend hours in the grocery store researching Gluten free products, but I did.

Now I would like to make it easier for parents and people who are looking for delicious gluten free products by supplying you with good tasting and tested products.  Better yet, I deliver them right to your home!

There is a lot of good tasting and convenient food to be had, and not everything needs to be frozen.  My products are also easy to make, and order. 

I have even taken it a step further and started Happy Tummy. With this company, I hope to make life easier for all the busy people out there that will benefit from my research and ever growing gluten free line of products.

Thank you, and I hope that I can be of help.