The Family Kitchen


A large selection of soups.

About Us

Gillian and her husband Nick founded the Family Kitchen in 2005. With Gillian’s educational background in business and Nick’s experience as a professional chef, they combined their skills and created a food business that has evolved into something unimaginable.

The Family Kitchen immediately began selling products at local farmers markets and quickly grew. Gillian and Nick needed help, so they turned to none other then their family. Today, there are over a dozen immediate family members involved in the marketing, preparation, cooking, delivery and sales of their food. We specialize in delicious fresh soups without any added sugars, salts or preservatives with the majority of our soups being vegetarian and gluten-free! The Family Kitchen soups can be found at several farmers markets, as well as at local supermarkets. We also do free deliveries through the winter months, so be sure to contact us for more details.