Live Music – Ainsworth DeGrandis

Newmarket Farmers' Market Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Manny Degrandis and Ryan Ainsworth are an upbeat duo playing Classic Rock/Country with a touch of Soul. They play all the classic sing-a-long songs from the 60's till now. No genre of music is missed. Classic Rock, Country, R&B and soul all included.  Their musical influences include The Beatles, Eagles, Rob Tardik, Randy Bachman And Burton Cummings.


Live Music – Silver Penny

Silver Penny is comprised of the core duo of Steve Milligan (guitar/vocals) and Cathy Saul (keys/vocals). They also play as a trio or as a full five piece band, but for the market, they will be a duo performance. They play original material, with a few carefully chosen cover songs. Check them out at: Facebook | Instagram |Bandcamp

Live Music – Owen Alexander Misener

Owen Alexander Misener, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who covers classic rock, jazz and blues. He was called a “bright light” of Seneca College’s Independent Songwriting program because of his positive outlook and upbeat tunes. In 2021, Owen completed a virtual 1 Song A Day For 365 Days Challenge, as posted on Facebook. Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok